About Us

Element Cellars was created with a vision of delivering highly prized, limited quantity wines each with a distinct expression of the grape source. Element Cellars sources wines from prized locations throughout northern California. Our wines showcase the effect that the location and winemaker have on individual grape varietals. Our lot numbered wines are sourced from the premier wine growing regions throughout northern California and packed in modern wine pouches using a patented process that blankets the wine in nitrogen to extend the “after-opened” life for up to 4 weeks.

ELEMENT CELLARS wood wine dispenser is designed for display on your counter – it is the elemental art of wine

  • EC Filling Exploded Wine Glass v4Wood Wine Crate – a luxurious wine dispenser designed to display on your counter
  • Rope Handle – A twine rope handle to carry the dispenser to your party
  • Luggage tag – hand stamped with “limited wine lot” exclusivity
  • Our goal – produce wine from 100% sustainable farmed grapes 

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